Austen Kroll Shades Madison LeCroy: She’ll Date ANY Man for Fame!!

Austen Kroll has been publicly hanging out with a much more famous woman, to the amusement of ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy.

But when Madison gets flirty with famous men, Austen makes his feelings clear.

What’s better than guys being dudes?

Austen Kroll and his (relatively) new castmate, John Pringle, shared a holiday photo on social media.

In the comments, they assured everyone that they were thoroughly tested for COVID-19, which … isn’t really good enough. But there was more going on.

One commenter, who must have been fully aware that anyone might see her comments, had something to say.

“Madison can do better than both these drunks.. I mean dudes,” the Bravo fan wrote.

Austen not only saw the comment, but he fired back.

“Patricia’s hair dresser can do better than me and Pringle? I die,” Austen commented.

Minimizing your ex-girlfriend, a reality star in her own right, is harsh.

And that was not the end of his unkind words about his ex.

“What Madison needs is a man not a frat boy,” the fan retorted.

The fans’ comment added: “She’s already got one boy to take care of… Girls want frat boys, WOMEN want MEN.”

Austen, dripping with shade, wrote: “aka the biggest bluest check mark she can find.”

Demeaning her as if she’s not his ex or castmate but just the hired help of a co-star was rude enough.

There’s nothing bad about being a hairstylist, but you don’t describe your ex as one.

But Austen really escalated things with the “blue check mark” line.

On many sites — from Instagram to Twitter and even places like PornHub — a blue check mark technically just means “verified.”

It’s a way to sort real people from imposters, basically.

However, they are awarded judiciously — which means that having one is a sign of clout.

Someone chasing blue check marks specifically to date would be after one thing.

Austen is straight-up calling Madison a clout-chasing famewhore, albeit not in so many words. And he was obviously shading her Instagram interactions with Jay Cutler.

That is extraordinarily unkind of him to say, especially after he and Madison have so much history together.

Fans get it — sometimes exes are extremely bitter towards each other.

Austen hangs out with Kristin Cavallari, Madison shades him lightly for thinking that he has a shot with her.

Now he’s slinging undeleted insults at her in random Instagram comments on random pages to random fans over the hoidays. It’s ugly.

Madison’s jabs may have been relatively mild in comparison, but this isn’t one of those splits with a good guy or a bad guy. Not really.

These are two people who loved each other, but when it didn’t work out, that love turned to bitterness and resentment. It happens every day.

That said … saying that Austen has some growing up to do isn’t an unfair critique on that fan’s part. That’s part of the whole vibe of Southern Charm.

Still, fans are reluctant to count out Austen and Madison in the long haul.

The odds of them getting back together seem … pretty decent.

After all, the two of them basically went viral way back when after Madison caught Austen post-threesome. If they can move on from that, they could get back together after this.

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