Big's Death on 'Sex and the City' Reboot Triggers 11% Drop in Peloton Stock Price

Peloton may want to hire a Hollywood type to vet its products being used in the movies … because it allowed “And Just Like That…” to kill off one of its characters on the bike and Peloton’s stock went into freefall.

So, in case you haven’t seen it and you care … read no further, but Big [played by Chris Noth] had a grabber [aka heart attack] as he peddled furiously in the saddle and kicked the bucket.

Once the word started circulating, Peloton’s stock price tumbled more than 11%.

Now here’s the crazy part … Peloton says it not only allowed its bike to be used on the show, but it also allowed one of its instructors — Jess King — to play an instructor. In other words, it all looked authentic. Yet the company claims it had no clue about the plotline.

A spokesperson said, “HBO procured the Peloton Bike on their own. Peloton was aware that a bike would be used in the episode and that Jess King would be portraying a fictional Peloton instructor.”

First rule for companies asked to participate in a flick — GET THE SCRIPT SO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY’RE SAYING ABOUT YOU!!!

Anyway … Big’s dead. RIP.

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