Cara De La Hoyde back on anti-depressants during second pregnancy and fears she will have to give birth alone

Love Island star Cara De La Hoyde is expecting her second child with husband Nathan Massey and in an honest post on Instagram, revealed that she is feeling very different during this pregnancy than she did with her first.

The 29 year old bravely revealed that she has made the decision to go back on anti-depressants, while she also expressed her fears that she will have to give birth alone amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cara appears to be referring to the fact that pregnant women are being asked to attend ultrasounds alone in some hospitals and in some countries, partners are not allowed to be in the delivery room, as coronavirus sweeps the globe.

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Cara shared a gorgeous picture of herself cradling her blossoming baby bump on her Instagram account as she opened up about how she is feeling and the worries she has.

She wrote: “This pregnancy has been so different, so many emotions and things that none of us could have ever expected.

“I’ve taken the decision to also start taking my antidepressants again which coming off was a big deal for me after 12 years but sometimes you need to swallow your pride and do what’s best for you and your family.

“Midwife today & a scan tomorrow excited to see our baby but also very anxious about going to the hospital on my own, which is obviously a possibility now for the birth depending how long this continues.

“So just a quick one if your someone that is still out and about socialising thinking that isolation doesn’t apply to you, please take a look at all people and all aspects of peoples lives being affected and stop being a selfish nob head. thanks. #stayathome.” [sic]

Cara and Nathan married last year after meeting and winning Love Island in 2016 and are parents to son Freddie-George.

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They split briefly during Cara's pregnancy with Freddie, but they reunited and are now expecting baby number two.

Cara’s followers praised her for her honesty and wished her well in the remainder of her pregnancy.

One person wrote under her post: “I had a scan yesterday and the hospital were amazing! They were so understanding and aware of how overwhelming the whole thing is! Good luck for tomorrow and just try and enjoy the moment!”

Others wrote ”Love your honesty, take care xx”, and “Fair play to you for being so honest xxx.”

Another supportive follower wrote: “Lovely pic. Congrats to you both it is a hard time I’m pregnant with my first I’m 22 weeks 4 days today and it’s hard I want to enjoy my pregnancy but feel with what’s happening is over shadowing it. Hope your scan goes well. Just a shame we have to go alone, I hope by the time we give birth partners are allowed x.”

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