Cardi B Confirms She’s Back Together With Offset: ‘I’m Crazy’

Well, that was fast. Cardi B confirmed she’s back together with Offset in a new video — about one month to the date that she filed for divorce over their constant fighting. Here’s what Cardi had to say about why she took Offset back:

Cardi B is giving Offset another chance just one month after she filed for divorce on September 15, and stated in her court documents that “there are no prospects for a reconciliation.” — Well, something clearly changed between the tumultuous couple after they spent her 28th birthday together.

“A lot of people been harassing me. I’m just a crazy b–ch… people say I’ve been doing sh-t for attention and this and that… one day I’m happy, the next day I want to beat a n—a up… then I don’t know it’s like I start missing,” Cardi explained through tears during a live video on Instagram this week.

“It’s really hard not to talk to your best friend, it’s really hard not to talk to your best friend and it’s really hard to have no d–k,” she said in reference to Offset. But, that’s not the only reason she made amends with the Migos rapper. “It’s really hard to have no d–k,” Cardi admitted.

While talking to an unidentified friend nearby, Cardi admitted, “I’m not bipolar, I took a test.” The latter seemed to be a response to critics who’ve accused her of having the disorder because of her on-off relationship with Offset.

“I don’t know, I’m just a crazy b–ch. People say I took him back because I’m materialistic,” Cardi said before she mentioned the Rolls Royce that Offset gifted her for her birthday. While she “likes material things,” Cardi said that’s not the reason she “slept” with Offset after the split. The cold hard truth is: “I really wanted some d–k for my birthday, really,” she admitted.

Cardi went on to explain that her relationship with Offset isn’t any different than the average non-celebrity, young couple. “We’re just typical people, young mother f–kers, who married early and that’s what we are. We’re not any different than y’all dysfunctional a– relationships,” she said.

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