Cheryl Burke Calls Out ‘DWTS’ Scoring as ‘Not Consistent’

AJ McLean and his pro partner Cheryl Burke were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night.

Cheryl had some words about the scoring after being very confident she and her celeb partner would move on to the semi-finals no problem.

“There’s rules in ballroom, and as far a I’m concerned this is a ballroom show, I thought,” Cheryl told ET, saying scoring week to week with the contestants is “just not consistent.”

“I already had his other two routines choreographed for the Semi-Finals,” Cheryl continued. “Normally I’m not that confident going in, but I was like, ‘For sure, there’s no way [we’ll get eliminated].’”

On getting eliminated, AJ said, “I’ve always been one to bow out from whatever the situation is with ease and grace and with a lot of gratitude. Honest to God, I’ve made a lot of great friends here, both on the stage and off the stage.”

He added, “It still sucks, it’s a major bummer, but there’s also kind of a sense of relief and calmness as well, because life goes on,” he added. “And my wife has been holding down the fort like a trooper… because this is seven days a week, every week.”

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