Chrissy Teigen Films Her Having A COVID-19 Test & Defends Taking It To Trolls

Chrissy Teigen showed all of her followers on social media just how a COVID-19 coronavirus test works in a brand new video she shot of herself getting one.

“Honestly loved it,” the 34-year-old former model shared with her fans, after having the swab go up both of her nostrils to test for the virus.

Moments later, Chrissy also had to defend her actions of taking the test to some online trolls.

One fan told Chrissy matter of factly that since she got a test, about 50 others aren’t going to have an option to take it.

“I just said it was easy and laughed the entire time. What are you talking about? It couldn’t have been easier,” she responded.

She later added, “Everyone in LA can get tested for free. I’m having surgery and had to. I’m sorry if this offends you.”

Watch Chrissy taking the test in the video below:

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