Deep Purple’s Ian Paice Hints At Another Album After ‘Whoosh!’

Despite some recent signs Deep Purple were planning on wrapping up their Hall of Fame career, drummer Ian Paice has suggested the heavy metal pioneers may press on.

Paice noted during a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock that Deep Purple’s latest album Whoosh!, which released earlier this month, could have been their last.

“There was every chance when we went in to start recording the Whoosh! album that it would probably be the last record,” Paice told UCR.

“[Producer Bob Ezrin‘s] idea was to do a musical full circle, to take the first track off the first record and then end it with the last track on what would have been, in our minds, probably the last record,” he added.

However, Paice now says the lockdowns resulting from the coronavirus pandemic could lead the band to record another album.

“It might not be the last record,” Paice told UCR. “We’ve got all of this dead time. We know we can’t do any concerts until sometime next year. Now, 10 or 11 months, is a long time for musicians to sit around doing nothing when they could do something.”

“So, it wouldn’t surprise me – and I know there’s little mutterings going on – that we might get together towards the end of this year and see if we can write some more stuff,” he added. “If we can, if we’ve got some ideas that we like, then there’s no reason at all why there shouldn’t be another record.”

(Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg)

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