Dion, Paul Simon Join Forces On ‘Song For Sam Cooke (Here In America)’

Dion has teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator Paul Simon for the new song, “Song for Same Cooke (Here in America).”

The track is taken from Dion’s forthcoming studio album, Blues with Friends, which features guest musicians of the likes of Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Gibbons, and Jeff Beck, with his pal Bob Dylan doing the liner notes.

“At first, I just had the melody and the refrain ‘Here in America.’ A friend suggested I use an episode from my memoir about walking southern streets with Sam Cooke in 1962,” the singer explained to American Songwriter. “It’s a good story, a true story. We were in the South together. And he stood up for me. He was a good guy. I miss him.”

Deeming the song far too personal for public release, the singer put it on the back-burner until he watched the Academy Award-winning film Green Book in 2019.

“I thought, ‘Hey, they almost wrote a movie about my song.’ I loved the movie so much that I thought I’d better take that song out to see it if works. And it did. It actually did,” he continued.

Later, he shared the track with Paul Simon, at which point he asked Dion to collaborate with him on it.

“I think Paul really helped it. He embellished it beautifully,” he shared. “He elevated it and made it something sublime.”

Dion’s new album is slated for release later this week, on Friday, June 5.

(Photo: David Godlis)

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