DJ Khaled and QC's Pierre 'Pee' Thomas Defend Mega Millions Lotto Tickets

DJ Khaled and Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas are some of the most respected, and highly paid, moguls in hip hop — but even they have no shame in their game hopping on the Mega Millions craze.

Tonight’s drawing is up to $1.28 billion and if anyone’s got a winning ticket it’ll easily change their lives in an instant.

Perhaps wisely, Khaled’s viewing the drawing as a great opportunity to promote his next album, “God Did.” He posted a vid yelling … “They didn’t believe in us — God Did” as he flashes stacks of Mega Millions tickets.

Previously, he’d been relying on Drake, Lil Baby and Jay-Z to hype his album. We’re thinking the lotto tickets gotta be at least as effective as them.

Khaled’s post certainly gets approval from Pee — the QC shot caller was busy Friday defending his own purchase of a bunch o’ $2 MM tickets.

Khaled is a regular on Forbes’ “Hip Hop Cash Kings” list and Pee is making open bids for 300 Entertainment … so neither guy needs the extra revenue.

Still, it’s damn hard to pass on a billion-dollar gamble!

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