Dr. Dre's Estranged Wife Requests $2 Million PER MONTH In Spousal Support Amid Divorce: Court Docs

Dr. Dre‘s estranged wife Nicole Young is trying to get PAID… and while we know Dre’s money runs deep from all the ventures he’s involved in, does it really run this deep?!

The 55-year-old rapper and music producer is fighting through divorce court against Young right now, the low point in what had been a 24-year marriage after the pair first tied the knot in 1996. And to her credit, Nicole isn’t ashamed about getting coin, producing a new court filing seeking a TON of money in spousal support plus some big-time attorney fees.

According to documents first uncovered by ET, the 50-year-old momma to Truly Young and Truice Young is seeking exactly $1,936,399 in MONTHLY spousal support, plus attorney’s fees and court costs that run up near $5 million in total. That $1.9 million monthly figure comes out to nearly $24 million PER YEAR in support! Holy s**t! Gotta go big or go home, we suppose!!!

Neither party’s attorneys were available for comment, apparently, but the court docs make it clear Nicole is intent on getting that amount of money so that she “can continue to enjoy the lifestyle she enjoyed during marriage.” Yeah, no kidding… at $2 million per month, we could surely get used to a certain kind of lifestyle, too!

More seriously, though, she further claims in those court docs that she’s “having difficulty paying her bills” right now because the famed music mogul is allegedly controlling all of her assets. Her attorneys further argue her hands are metaphorically tied right now, as all the money is under Dre’s watch and he’s not too keen on her spending anything:

“ has been exerting financial control over by ordering his agents to scrutinize her bills .”

Yikes! Not great…

Complicating the spousal support issue here is her claim that she “played an important role” in Dre’s career, even apparently being “integral” to naming his record label Aftermath. It’ll be up to a judge to determine whether that’s true, and to what degree, but any challenges like that would obviously complicate the situation even further.

For now, the docs go into detail about the former couple’s luxurious lifestyle, including “five Los Angeles homes, a private jet, lavish cars, 12 security guards, seven housekeepers, a private chef and more.”

Wait… five Los Angeles homes?! We get it, really rich people have a lot of homes, but usually they’re spread out all over the country or the world, right?! Dre’s got five homes in Los Angeles?? Like, what the f**k?!

Speaking of those El Lay digs, Young further accused Dre “kicked her out” of the (main) Brentwood-area residence after “a drunken rage” in the middle of the night. She had since fled to the pair’s Malibu estate — (now we know where at least two of the five homes are, right?! ) — but is now claiming the rapper is threatening to sell that home just to be rid of her.

Further, she alleges more about Dre’s “gamesmanship” during the divorce, alleging he’s preventing her from paying her legal fees and filing the following in court:

“ has undertaken an aggressive approach to this case, engaging in gamesmanship and no-holds-barred hyper-litigation simply because he can afford to.”

Finally, Young reports issues with the pair’s 1996 pre-nuptial agreement, as well, claiming she was forced to sign it “under extreme duress” on their wedding day. She claims she didn’t receive a copy of the document for months afterward, then, either. Yikes…

For what it’s worth (pun intended), Forbes claims Dr. Dre’s net worth is around $800 million, as of 2019. In addition to his music empire and long history in that industry, he of course landed that fortune in no small part thanks to the Beats By Dre headphone line, which Apple acquired for $3 billion back in 2014. So the money here runs DEEP!

What do U make of these divorce docs, Perezcious readers? Something tells us this is only the very beginning of what could prove to be a remarkably contentious battle between these two…

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