Drake DMs and Follows Trolls Wife for Joking About His Son Adonis

The hater shows proof of the ‘Nice For What’ hitmaker sliding into his wife’s DMs after he responds to the Canadian star’s comment defending Ja Morant’s dad.

AceShowbiz -All Drake haters better watch their girls and significant others. The hip-hop star has hit back at a troll, who made a joke about Drizzy’s son Adonis, by following his wife and DM-ing her on Instagram.

It all began after the former “Degrassi: The Next Generation” star defended Ja Morant‘s dad Tee Morant over a meme criticizing his support for the young NBA star throughout the playoffs. The supportive dad had been caught passionately giving his son props from the sidelines on many occasions, which some have deemed “annoying.”

Disagreeing with the critics, Drake wrote in Instagram comments, “Imagine your son makes the league and he’s Ja Or Melo (Ball) or Lonzo (Ball) all you can do is be elated and competitive and over supportive and it’s a right of passage to that the OG’s talk s**t [laughing with tears emojis].”

Believing that it’s only natural for a father to show support like what Tee did, he added, “I know I’mma be this way even if my son is in a rubix cube competition.”

The troll responded to Drake’s comment by quipping, “ya son prolly play with ghost writers,” referencing the rumors he doesn’t write his own songs. Not having it that the troll brought up his son, Drake wrote back, “I just followed your girl cause she prob miserable and needs some excitement in her life.”

And Drizzy really made his words. The troll has shared a screenshot of the “Laugh Now Cry Later” spitter sliding into his wife’s DMs. “I’m here for u ma,” the 35-year-old wrote to the wife. Left in disbelief, the troll penned over the screenshot, “Really DM’d my wife. I’m [tons of laughing with tears emojis].”

As for Tee, he has clapped back at the critics of his support for his son Ja. He recently sported a T-shirt with “Proud Supportive Black Dad!!!” written on it for Memphis’ huge win over the Warriors.

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