Drinking My Bloody Mary with V8 and A1 Sauce Now Because Actress Ali Larter Said So

Let me tell ya, celebs have gotten reaaaal original with their Stir Crazy cocktails. I can only imagine how hard it is to whip up a mediocre, 5-ingredient alcoholic beverage with only the random sh*t you’ve got in your kitchen. Actress Ali Larter was able to come up with something using her mom’s month-old V8 and some barbecue sauce, so really…all wild ideas are acceptable here.

You’re definitely not the only feeling some type of way about the (possibly expired) V8 chillin’ in her fridge, but honestly we’ve gotta be thankful for it because it was the reason why she decided to put together a homemade Bloody Mary! For the rest of the ingredients, she gathered up: celery juice, actual celery, Worcestershire, horse radish, A1 sauce, and V-O-D-K-A. Mmm, enticing.

Her approach to making this drink was, um, unique. Ali just went right in and poured in quite the load of V8, but then also matched that with a hell of a lot of vodka. I mean, needed. At this point she had barely any room for the rest of the ingredients, but she made it work and stirred it all up with a piece of celery.

Def not your traditional Bloody, but, worth a shot at this point? 😅

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