Duchess Meghan did talk about her toxic father & unhinged half-sister too

I was a bit surprised that the main Oprah interview with the Sussexes didn’t include anything about the toxic White Markles, mostly her half-sister Samantha (Grant) Markle and her father Thomas Markle. Both Samantha and Thomas eagerly and disgustingly sold out Meghan constantly. Samantha started giving paid interviews to British outlets starting as early as 2017. Thomas Markle spent much of Meghan and Harry’s engagement posing for “paparazzi” photos, and then post-wedding, he went on a tear through the British media, blatantly reading off the toxic, abusive scripts the media had written for him. As it turns out, Oprah did ask Meghan about all of that, and CBS This Morning aired those clips. Here’s Meghan talking about her father:

— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) March 8, 2021

Not surprised that the British media held the Thomas Markle story until the week before the wedding. And then he f–king lied to her. As for Samantha… trash. Always been trash. It would be like some distant cousin who you’ve only met a few times in your life suddenly saturating the media, making up stories about your life. Anyway, in a different part of the interview (the main one), Meghan said something about what she’s lost throughout this ordeal and her father was on the list. She’s written him off. Good. Oh, and Doria has not said a word to any media outlet. Pure class.

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