Eamonn Holmes recalls his panic after doctor warned he could go blind due to shingles

Eamonn Holmes has opened up on the panic he experienced after his doctor warned him he could go blind.

The This Morning presenter had suffered from an incredibly painful bout of the shingles – a nasty rash that is caused by the reactivation of chicken pox in adults – back in 2018, and he was covered in swollen spots all over his face.

Thankfully, the 61 year old Belfast-born star managed to recover from the illness, but he was left with nasty red scars for weeks.

The star initially opened up on the condition on Loose Women last month in a bid to raise awareness about the shingles, and has now recalled the awful fear he had about losing his sight, as well as the horror of looking in the mirror.

Eamonn told the Mirror this week: "I literally jumped back at my image shouting 'what the heck is this?'

"It was like waking up in a horror movie."

He then explained that his medical practitioner was more worried about the location of the spots.

"When I called my doctor and said it was on my face the first question was, 'Is it near your eyes? Don't touch your eyes because it could affect your vision,'" the presenter continued.

The doctor then warned he "could go blind" and ordered Eamonn to whip down to the surgery as fast as possible so he could be examined.

"It was panic stations," the star added.

During his appearance on Loose Women, Eamonn thanked ITV for allowing him the opportunity to speak about the dangerous illness.

He also explained that he was convinced he triggered the illness by going through a time of intense stress three years ago.

Eamonn was absent from This Morning and his other work commitments at the time as he chose to take time off to avoid showing his alarming appearance to the public.

The chances of suffering shingles and the severity of the illness increases after the age of 50. It also becomes more likely if the person is suffering from times of intense stress or a lowered immune system.

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