Even legit news sites wonder if Don Trump Jr was ‘coked out of his mind’

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While I’m including the full videos of some of the RNC speakers in our coverage this week, please don’t think that I’m actually watching this sh-t. Usually I can only watch about 30 seconds of any given Trumper’s speech before turning it off. So it was with Don Trump Jr. – I only watched for a second, then grabbed the embed and moved on. Even in those few seconds, I could see that Don Jr is not well. He looked like he’d just been crying, actually. Why were his eyes so damp and red? Hm.

Raw Story actually ran this headline: “Was Donald Trump, Jr. ‘coked out of his mind’ during RNC speech?” They did what I’m doing: they pulled all of the Twitter jokes about his red, tearful eyes and asked what was up with that. For the record, I think Don’s girlfriend Kimberly was the coked up one. She was screaming and clearly on uppers. I feel like Don’s drug of choice might be different. Maybe he was baked?

Also: the new issue of the New York Times Magazine is all about Don Jr and the rest of the Trump family and what they’re going to do “next,” meaning the whole family thinks Donald Trump is going to lose the election. I mean… I hope they’re right. The Trumpers thought they were going to lose the 2016 election too.

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“Cocaine is a helluva drug”

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