Fearne Cotton thinks there will be ‘certain anxiety’ about festivals restarting

Fearne Cotton would usually be spending this time of year fronting music festival coverage live from the field, but this year is shaping up to look very different for live shows. 

With large gathering still banned, concerts and festivals look unlikely to resume in 2020, and she spoke to Metro.co.uk about what the live music scene will look like once it’s safe to reopen. 

She explained: ‘I think everybody wants to know [what’s happening] – my husband’s in a band so he’s like “hello, when am I ever going to gig again?”

‘I think everybody’s got a certain anxiety about it as nobody does know what’s going on. It’s completely and utterly unknown and I think there possibly could be a slight anxiety from people who don’t want to be in a big crowd if they are vulnerable or have had previous health issues. 

‘I think certainly the music industry wants to get back on its feet and start up again and do its thing but it’s got to be safety first, so God knows.’

The cancellation of gigs and tours has meant creatives have had to look at different outlets to cater to their fans and Fearne believes these open up great new opportunities. 

‘I think everybody in the creative world has been thinking out of the box and coming up with some very interesting ways of doing their thing,’ she explained. 

‘I’ve been recording my Radio 2 show from home, under a duvet for sound quality! I’ve been recording my podcast from home and we’ve all made stuff happen and that feels quite exciting that we are working out new ways to do things that would have seemed absolutely inconceivable prior to this bizarre pandemic.

‘I think we’ll always find ways around it, it’s never going to be quite the same as going to a live gig but it’s definitely the next best thing.’

In order to fill the gap left by all the events cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Fearne has teamed up with Barclaycard to host their series of Share The Stage gigs. 

Filmed at the iconic Abbey Road studios and broadcast online, fans will get to see established artists including Kaiser Chiefs, Mabel and Lewis Capaldi take the stage with up and coming artists who they’d have enlisted as support acts for their summer shows. 

Fearne added: ‘It’s so weird, it’s such a huge part of the calendar for so many people, obviously musicians but also revellers, not having that thing to look forward to in the summer and that excitement. 

‘Whatever music festival or event you might be going to, it’s such a lovely part of the year. 

‘There’s a huge live-music shaped hole that people really want filling so it’s nice that we’ve got something to offer them with both established acts and their support acts.’

Consisting of four special shows, Fearne revealed the precautions she and the crew had to take while filming. 

‘Everybody had to be so careful cos this was the first day that Abbey Road opened after it had been closed for three months and we turned up with a huge crew of people and all of these bands. 

‘So everything was done meticulously, everybody in the crew was wearing a mask so I couldn’t tell who anyone was! 

‘Myself and the bands had our mask and gloves on until we started recording and then we’d take them off and remain at a two-metre distance for me to interview them, which was bizarre because I’m a real hugger!

‘It looks like a regular, lovely music show but there were huge precautions taken outside of what you actually see to make sure everything was done safely. I had to do my own hair and make-up so that was interesting, watch out for that!’

Fearne Cotton is part of Barclaycard Share the Stage, a series of online music shows bringing the best in entertainment straight to the sofas of music fans across the UK. Share the Stage begins airing from 2nd July on YouTube.

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