Gigi Hadid & Dua Lipa Made Gingerbread Houses Together on Christmas Eve!

Dua Lipa is celebrating the Christmas holiday with the Hadid family this year!

If you didn’t know, the 25-year-old Grammy-winning singer is dating model Anwar Hadid and she’s very close with his whole family now, including sisters Gigi and Bella.

Dua took to Instagram on Christmas Eve to participate in the “Post a photo of…” trend and she shared a photo of herself and Gigi from their holiday gathering.

The family made gingerbread houses together and Gigi shared photos of the spread that they made on the dining room table with all the decorations for the houses.

Dua noted on her Instagram Stories that she made her house “with the magic peeping hole.” Anwar‘s house included his SBD initials on it.

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