Gillian Anderson’s ex moved in with another woman, returned to Gillian in a month

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Gillian Anderson and The Crown director, Peter Morgan, were together for four years but weren’t living together. They broke up in mid December with the official reasoning that it was logistics. That’s the default reason couples give for splitting and doesn’t mean much. When I reported on it I wrote “I would like to learn more about this but they’re British and Gillian isn’t messy about her personal life.” Gillian isn’t messy, but Peter sure is! Right after that we heard that he was seeing Jemima Goldsmith, a British TV presenter and producer whom I know as Jemima Khan (she is going by her maiden name now). Peter and Jemima had known each other as friends and supposedly hooked up romantically in January, although I bet there was overlap. Gillian was reportedly “bemused” by that news. About a month later and Peter and Jemima broke up and he came running back to Gillian. Supposedly she took him back and Jemima is “shocked and confused!”

[Peter Morgan and Jemima Goldsmith] were said to have enjoyed an intense romance that blossomed early in the New Year, and by mid-January friends were saying they were in a ‘legit support bubble’ during the third lockdown.

Gillian, 52, whom he had dated for four years, was said to be ‘bemused’ by the news — and, notably, by the speed with which it progressed, just weeks after they had parted ways.

Now it can be revealed, however, that this romance has come to an abrupt halt after just a month, and Peter has gone back to Gillian, leaving Jemima ‘shocked and confused’.

Peter is said have joined Gillian in Prague in the Czech Republic, where she is due to spend the next two months working on her latest film, White Bird: A Wonder Story…

One of Jemima’s friends says: ‘Peter pursued her, rather than the other way around. He persuaded her that they would be great together, but has now gone back to Gillian.

‘This has happened in the past week. She is pretty knocked for six about it.

‘People are appalled by his behaviour. It seems really rather unstable. He had said he was serious about Jemima and she was certainly serious about the romance with him.’

Jemima had endured gossip over an apparent breach of the ‘girl code’ in taking up with Peter. Even though she and Gillian were not close friends, she found the attention painful, particularly as she takes loyalty to girlfriends very seriously.

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The title to this story has the parenthetical question “(but why would she want him?)” which I am asking too. I say that, but it’s hard to date in your late 40s/early 50s when you have teenagers at home. The pool is small and dirty, and I bet it’s even worse among those rich famous people. The Mail quotes Gillian’s recent interviews where she says she’s happy single. I kind of wish she hadn’t taken Peter back, but I get it. Pickings can be slim, even when you’re a gorgeous celebrity. I just made myself a little depressed writing this.

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