Glenn Close Says Spike Lee Reached Out to Her After Her Viral “Da Butt” Dance at the Oscars

Glenn Close is still getting love for her viral “Da Butt” dance at the Oscars.

The 74-year-old actress recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her new movie, Four Good Days, and couldn’t resist bringing up the captivating, viral moment.

In case you missed it, during what would have otherwise been a throwaway bit in which celebs in attendance were quizzed on their knowledge of former Oscar song nominees, Close put on an impromptu masterclass in film and music history, expertly breaking down everything there was to know about the song “Da Butt” from Spike Lee’s 1988 classic School Daze. The already-epic moment culminated in Close standing up at the Oscars and actually doing Da Butt dance. At the Oscars.

Close told Entertainment Tonight that Lee actually called her after the Oscars to talk about the incredible moment and the song, which was written by Marcus Miller and performed by D.C.-based band E.U. (Experience Unlimited).

“Well, I know a lot more about them now and I was so touched by a lot of the press that came out about the man who wrote the song and the band and everything, and I mean, to me, that was a great revelation,” she explained. “Spike Lee and his family called me, you know, it just opened up I think something that people were really joyous about remembering and revisiting and I hope they have a comeback.”

Shortly after the show, Lee posted a shoutout to Close on Instagram.

“I got to give a shout-out to my sister, Glenn Close, who I heard gave me love on School Daze, E.U.’s ‘Da Butt,'” the Oscar-winning director said in the video post. “And she was doing ‘Da Butt’ too! I saw it on video! You were getting down!”

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