Happy Sussex Independence Day to all of the petty, racist & salty haters out there

Happy Sussex Independence Day. April 1st, 2020, the start of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new life, unbound by nitpicking courtiers and racist royal reporters. They are in California now and the British press are still up in their feelings about all of this. To celebrate Sussex Independence Day, I’m choosing to highlight the Daily Mail publication of a hysterical screed by Sarah Vine, wherein she suggests that Harry and Meghan are lazy, irrelevant, sad and… much needed in Britain. Because reasons!

Ordinary people are having to endure the unimaginable; yet this is a couple who barely gave their relationship with the British public 18 months before chucking in the towel. No wonder, as the royal biographer Penny Junor put it, they now seem ‘pretty irrelevant’. For months, other members of the Royal Family, not to mention friends, advisers and those of us in the Press reckless enough to incur the wrath of the pro-Meghan trolls, have been urging them to get some perspective. Now events have done that for them and their decision to abandon Britain in favour of life in LA has been exposed for what it is: ill-judged, premature — and, in many ways, rather sad.

…Luckily, Prince Charles has said he will fund Harry in the short term. But the Duke will have to get a job, as will Meghan. I don’t imagine she will have any trouble. But Harry? Even assuming he can get a Green Card to live in the States permanently, he has never known anything apart from the Army and royal patronage.

Now he is thousands of miles from home, surrounded by people not renowned for their sincerity or kindness — while his own people, the British public, face the greatest challenge of a generation and are crying out for that chutzpah and cheek we used to love.

Harry may be many things, but he is not a shirker. His unique capacity for empathy, inherited from his late mother, would have proven invaluable in boosting the morale of frontline staff. Instead he is reduced to spouting Americanised platitudes on the pair’s Instagram feed and communicating via emoji. I can only imagine the shame he must (surely) feel as he watches his brother consider returning to work as an air-ambulance pilot to help the NHS, while he’s loafing about on the other side of the Pond. One day, when he’s all grown up, Archie may ask Harry: ‘What did you do in the war against Covid-19, Daddy?’ The answer, dearest Harry, is up to you.

[From The Daily Mail]

This is the most “HOES MAD” take, and you can just feel the petty jingoism pulsating through the column. The British press which spent two years (much longer, actually) smearing and abusing Meghan and Harry now wants us to believe that they alone truly understand Harry and how sad and pathetic he will be in California. And what’s with the shade towards LA, “surrounded by people not renowned for their sincerity or kindness”? As opposed to ENGLAND? Jesus Christ, these people! Anyway, I hope Meghan and Harry enjoy their well-earned independence. I hope they write books and give interviews and do amazing charity work and develop documentaries and make lots of money. That will really make these hoes mad.

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