How Alec Baldwin Uses His Kids to Trick Hilaria Baldwin Into Cooking

Alec Baldwin is spending a lot more quality time with his wife Hilaria Baldwin and their kids while they are in self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The Baldwins Skyped in from their bathroom to the Howard Stern Show, who is also recording remotely, to discuss their new routine. The show released some clips of their interview on March 25.

Alec Baldwin does his share of the housework

Many couples are struggling to cope with this much time alone together. Hilaria gives Alec credit for doing his fair share, but maybe he’s doing it too intensely.

“He’s very good at cleaning,” Hilaria said. “I cook and he’ll do most of the cleaning. I’ll tell you something, because he’s so obsessive about the cleaning, it actually gets to be a little bit annoying, to the point where I’d like to do the cleaning and then not have to deal with the cleaning.”

Alec added, “It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If I don’t do any cleaning then I’m a bum. And if I clean, I’m obsessive. I can’t win.”

Hilaria has a full plate too.

“I would do so much stuff, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and then the dogs and this and that,” Hilaria said. “Then he comes down and he’s like, ‘You just don’t do it right.’”

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are not talking to their kids about coronavirus

One important decision the Baldwins made is that they would shelter their kids from the most worrisome aspects of coronavirus. If the parents have to talk about it, they do it privately.

“We adjourn to another room and we don’t talk about the nuts and bolts in front of the kids,” Alec said. “No point in contaminating them with fear and so forth. We want them to be kids and enjoy their lives and enjoy their day and that’s it. Whatever the home is, those people need to adjourn privately and talk in a way that maybe they never have done before.”

Their kids have heard of the virus, though. Hilaria and Alec are not lying to them if they have questions.

“At the same time, kids are smart and they pick up more than you think they are,” Hilaria said. “They’re constantly talking about ‘What the corona, what’s this corona?’ But it’s interesting because they’re not stressed about it. What Alec is saying, as long as we don’t show that we’re stressed out about it, then they don’t get stressed out about it. Right now, our kids, we spend all of our time together and they are really loving that. It’s interesting to get into their eyes.”

They are also honest with their kids about how long lockdown could last.

“You say, ‘Yeah, there’s a virus right now and mommy and daddy are doing absolutely everything to make sure that we’re okay and that’s why we’re living differently. That’s why we’re not having playdates, we’re not going out, we’re not doing this, we’re not doing that. And it’s going to be like this for a while but it’s because we know that we’re going to be okay.’” Hilaria said.

Alec Baldwin’s trick to make Hilaria Baldwin cook treats

So Alec does the cleaning and Hilaria does the cooking. Sometimes Alec wants something special, but he knows better than to ask for it himself.

“I try to take advantage of the situation,” Alec confessed. “I’ll say to Carmen, ‘Carmen, if I ask mommy to make zucchini bread, she might not make it for me. But if you tell her you want zucchini bread, she’ll make zucchini bread. We need zucchini bread to get through the virus.’”

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