How to Watch 'Sasquatch': Premiere Date and Streaming Info

Just in time for 4/20, Hulu has a new cannabis farm murder-mystery docuseries — featuring Bigfoot — for your streaming pleasure. Sasquatch, the newest docuseries from executive producers the Duplass brothers (Wild Wild Country), follows an investigative journalist trying to get to the bottom of a grizzly 1993 three-person murder that took place on a marijuana farm in Northern California, believed by locals to be the work of the elusive, fabled Bigfoot.

Describing the project as “a paranoid thriller meets a graphic novel come to life,” director Joshua Rofé explained how the project came to be, saying, “What we initially set out to do was find the source, find the origin point for the story … about a triple homicide perpetrated by a sasquatch. We wanted to find the source for that story, and we figured that the hunt for that would be fascinating. Then, once we would hopefully find the source, it could shed light on what the hell was going on out there.”

The journey is just as trippy as it sounds, and if that has your interest piqued high, here’s everything you need to know for how to watch Sasquatch on Hulu.

When does Sasquatch come out? Tuesday, April 20.

How to watch? To watch Sasquatch on Hulu, you’ll need to be a subscriber to the streaming service. Plans start at $5.99 per month, with an $11.99 option for no ads. Both those tiers have a one-month free trial for new subscribers.

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Where can I watch the Sasquatch trailer? Find the trailer below.

Watch the video below for more of what’s coming out on Hulu.

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