If Actress Katherine McNamara Drinks Whiskey and Wine Together, That Means You Should Too

Here we are y’all: Another week where a lot of us are staying at home, practicing social distancing, and are doing anything and everything to keep entertained. So, just for you, Katherine McNamara hopped on an episode of Stir Crazy and took us along for the ride. FYI, her cocktail creation process includes whiskey, wine, and…frozen blackberries.

First up, she went through her vast collection of whiskey alcohols to pick and choose which ones would make the cut. Of course she had to use her own vino, “Of Queens and Angels,” that she curated with Notting Point Wines and duh, some whiskey!! But (!) her fahhhncy bottle of whiskey because this is a special occasion.

Our girl Kat was stressed about building an original drink just by throwing any ingredient in and seeing what she’d come up with (I mean, fair), so instead, she wanted to put a twist on one of her favorite drinks aka the “Whiskey Seduction.” LOL, think I found my code name?? Although she didn’t have every essential item needed to make the bev, she made do! Katherine headed over to her fridge where she grabbed lemon juice, sparkling water, and frozen blackberries as the final touches to her Katherine-ified version of the popular boozy blend.

Once she had all of her components ready for take off, she pulled the only thing remotely close to a shaker in her cupboard: a jam jar. She then added all five elements in, and shook her up!!! Once it was all set for consumption, she poured it in her glass sippy cup (which she rimmed with sugar—bless her) and voilà. Thanks to Kat, we just may never have to go to a bar again.

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