Inside David Beckhams relationship with his dad including healed rift

David Beckham was delighted to be dad Ted's best man at his recent wedding after overcoming past relationship drama.

Ted, 73, wed 62 year old millionaire solicitor Hilary Meredith on Saturday 11 December.

Despite the pair looking as happy as can be at the ceremony, the duo has had issues in the past.

The pair can be seen smiling while wearing dark suits at the wedding 15 years after the two men drifted apart.

Cracks started to appear back in 2002 when the former England captain's dad split with then wife Sandra, after 33 years of marriage.

A year later, David transferred to Real Madrid in the summer of 2003, which added a geographical distance to their already strained relationship.

In 2007, Ted suffered a heart attack, making the two put their differences aside and rekindle their bond.

In snaps of the wedding David posted on his Instagram earlier this week, he shared a series of photos with his 69.9 million followers of the happy event.

The photos revealed a behind the scene glimpse of the wedding, with them looking closer than ever.

Like father like son, both Beckham men are massive football lovers.

Born and raised in Leytonstone, east London, David inherited his love of all things Manchester United from his dad and trained at the Bobby Charlton School in the city.

Kitchen fitter Ted supported his son's football endeavours, and at 14, David signed for the Manchester United youth team. Hairdresser mum Sandra would travel 200 miles each weekend to see him play.

"We were addicted to Manchester United and to David’s career, and we fed that addiction every week,” Ted said to The Sun previously.

As his career blossomed and he rose to fame, David would pay tribute to his dad with social media Father's Day posts or mentioning him in interviews: “Thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the years.”

It was in 2002 when things changed.

Ted and Sandra's marriage broke down and, David and his sisters Lynne, 49, and Joanne, 38, blamed their father.

In Beckham: My World, David's autobiography published in 2001, David said this about his father: "He loves my mum but he's never been affectionate to her in front of my two sisters and me. He's quite hard-faced and can be sarcastic.

"He also gets fired up easily… The quality I like least in myself is my short temper. I think I get it from my dad."

After a bumpy year Ted learned of the football stars transfer, which he was never keen on, from David’s agent, and he said the news hit him “like a sledgehammer”.

Publicly accusing Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson of betrayal, a furious David refused to let him come to the contracting signing for the new club.

For the 2006 World Cup, David sent his dad tickets but refused to meet up with him, but in September 2007, a life changing event took place.

At the age of 58, Ted suffered a near-fatal heart attack.

David by this point had gone on to sign for LA Galaxy but flew back to the UK as soon as he heard and rushed to his dad's side.

Fast forward to the recent wedding, you can see that the pair's relationship is solid and happy.

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