James May: The Grand Tour host on ‘revolting’ pub contest loss: ‘I actually vomited’

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James May, 57, spoke candidly about a tomato ketchup disaster, which left The Grand Tour host feeling far from well. The former Top Gear presenter is not only into cars but is also a keen quizzer, as he dished on the bizarre moment in a behind the scenes clip.

The car-enthusiast chatted with Food Tribe’s Rachael Hogg about her “fixation” with tomato ketchup, as he spilled on how she could potentially quit the sauce obsession.

“It’s actually quite revolting,” James explained. “But many years ago when we worked on Autocar, we went out. We used to have stupid competitions like putting bulldog clips on your nose for 20 minutes.

“But one of the competitions we had was eating a whole bottle of tomato ketchup. It wasn’t even a big one, it was a pub-sized bottle.”

James revealed that he had unfortunately lost and was forced to chug down a bottle of ketchup.

But the small-screen star thought it would be an easy challenge because he is a fan of the condiment.

“We had some sort of contest and I lost, and so I had to eat the bottle of tomato ketchup. I thought, ‘Well, that’ll be easy because tomato ketchup is lovely,'” James chuckled.

“But when you eat it just by itself, with a spoon, it’s quite sweet and it’s also very salty. I actually vomited in the pub.”

Rachael didn’t appear impressed as her face twisted at James’ recollection.

The former Top Gear star insisted that his colleague should do the same thing.

James said: “Maybe that’s what you should do. Maybe that’ll cure you of your weird tomato ketchup fixation.

“Go and get a bottle, pour it into a bowl and you have to eat it all. You can’t leave the table until you’ve eaten the whole bottle of tomato ketchup by itself.”

However, it didn’t appear Rachael was keen to follow his lead.

James’ confession comes weeks after it was announced that he will be fronting his own cooking show.


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Teaming up with Amazon Prime Video again, the car-enthusiast is turning chef for his new series, which will tie in with his Oh Cook cookbook out this year.

The seven-episode series will see James try and tackle a specific cuisine theme from his kitchen – including; pasta, pub classics, cakes, and roasts.

Each installment will consist of three recipes for people to cook at home.

James aims to prove to viewers that if you can cook a few things passably well, you can actually cook anything.

“I’ve arrived at the age where I spend most of my day thinking about my next meal, so I made a TV series about it,” James told Metro.co.uk.

“Cooking your own curry is so much more satisfying than ordering a take-away, even though it won’t taste as nice.”

But there is no word yet on when The Grand Tour’s Madagascar Special will be aired.

James May: Oh Cook will air on Amazon Prime Video later this year.

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