Jane Fonda Admits White Privilege and Star Status Gave Her Benefits in Prison

The ‘Grace and Frankie’ actress claims she was treated differently from other protesters by prison officers following her arrests because she’s ‘white and famous.’

AceShowbizJane Fonda believes she’s been “handled with kid gloves” during her Fire Drill Friday protests against climate change because she’s “white and famous.”

The actress has been arrested for civil disobedience a handful of times at her weekly Fire Drill Fridays rallies in Washington, D.C. in recent months, but she told Elle U.S. magazine she’s been treated differently to other protestors because of her star status.

“I’m white and I’m famous and I think orders came down from the attorney general to handle me with kid gloves,” she said.

However, the “Grace and Frankie” actress, 82, went on to confess prison conditions remain far from ideal – but she’s figured out ways to make the ordeal more comfortable, like using her red coat to soften the metal of her bunk bed.

“It’s very hard in life to find a way to align your body with your deepest values, and that’s what civil disobedience can do,” she continued. “Even though you’re being handcuffed and put in a situation where you have absolutely no control, it’s like stepping in to yourself.”

“I have chosen to put myself in this position where I lose all power because of something I believe in. And it’s incredible.”

The Monster-in-Law star added of her newfound passion, “I always felt like the student. This is the first time that I am the leader.”

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