Japanese Boy Band Arashi Should Create Their Own TikTok Dance Group

If you don’t have five or more TikTok dances somewhat memorized, then what the heck were you doing in quarantine? I mean, it was the Cool Kid™️ thing to do! It’s clear that the members of Japanese boy band Arashi were on their TikTok game because they pretty much crushed our TikTok Challenge Challenge.

Just to give you a quick explainer of the game if you’re new here: We give celebs viral TikTok dances that they have to learn in 60 seconds and once their time is up, they have to perform it.

The first person to step up to the plate was Jun and we started him off with some hard chore. There were a lot of moves and the tempo was a bit fast but,TBH, our mans kind of had it down! Sho was the next contender and he gave Jun a run for his money, even though this dance was a bit shorter.

Honestly, I was speechless when it was Ohno’s turn. We gave the dude some Dancing with the Stars level choreo and he danced so gracefully. Like, I’m still in shock. Y’all can probs assume that Aiba and Nino killed it too. Buuut, there can only be one winner! Who took the crown?

And don’t forget to try their dance they created to their song, “IN THE SUMMER”.

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