JDM Romance, 'OTH' and More Revelations From Hilarie Burton's 'Diaries'

Getting real — and not leaving anything out. When Hilarie Burton Morgan set out to write a book, she didn’t intend to get so personal. Instead, The Rural Diaries turned into “a love letter to a town, to a farm, to a man.”

The actress, 37, opened up about her marriage to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, her life as a VJ, a lead actor on One Tree Hill and later, a mother and a farmer. However, it wasn’t an easy journey. One of the biggest parts of the book is the couple’s struggle to have children and she emotionally recounts multiple miscarriages — and how it affected the family.

“He and I handle stress and grief very differently,” the White Collar star writes. “He gets quiet and leaves the room, but I need interaction. I need to talk about it, to sort s—t out.”

She also explains that she follows a lot of celebrities on social media and felt a bit turned off by their details of losing children.

“I often read social media posts from couples announcing, ‘Hey, we miscarried but it brought us closer together.’ I think it’s safe to say that miscarriage did not bring Jeffrey and me closer together,” Hilarie writes. “We were living in the same space but leading parallel lives. To be honest, most of the time, we weren’t even living in the same place.”

However, she and The Walking Dead star, 54, stuck through it and learned to communicate. “The distance between who we had been the first time we miscarried versus who we were now helped tremendously,” she says about their relationship after their third miscarriage. “I had my partner back. He said the things I needed to hear. We’d lost again, but we’d also won somehow in the midst of that.”

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