Jennifer Aniston wore a little black dress & had a ‘Friends’ reunion on the 2020 Emmys

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It was sort of nice to see how many people took the “Emmy Awards at Home” thing seriously. It was great to see people actually get glammed up to participate in the show via link-up. What was not very cool? The handful of celebrities who did get to come to the auditorium, because it felt like Jimmy Kimmel just invited a handful of his friends and it was awkward as hell. It’s no secret that Kimmel is good friends with Jennifer Aniston, and of course she came to the auditorium to do a “bit” with him. The bit involved a fire extinguisher.

I actually thought this was one of the few successful “filler” pieces of the show, because I don’t believe it was in the script for the fire to keep going on. Aniston had to extinguish the sh-t out of it.

What was in the script was this fakakta Friends reunion – Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow seemingly came by Jennifer’s house for it. Jason Bateman too. Jen must have been hosting a little Emmy party. Party like it’s 1995.

Blah. Anyway, Jennifer lost to Zendaya. And people are talking about her black slipdress like they’ve never seen her wear a black gown ever. Beachy waves, hair down, black dress. She’s been doing the same thing for 25 years!

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