Kate Garraway has emergency consultation on GMB for ‘very sore’ eye amid coronavirus outbreak

Kate Garraway had to have an emergency consultation on Good Morning Britain after confessing she had "a little eye infection".

The 52 year old, who missed her first day back on the job after starring on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, mentioned at the beginning of the show that she was having some issues with her eye and apologised for her appearance.

"I should apologise for my appearance by the way. It's nothing to do with the coronavirus," she told the audience.

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"I’ve got a little eye infection which is making my eye a bit watery, meaning I’m wearing my glasses.

"As we have to do our own hair and make-up at the moment maybe it's no bad thing you can’t see too much detail."

While Kate's eye looked quite red and teary, she maintained that she didn't want to divert Dr Hillary Jones, who's been giving advice on what to do throughout the UK lockdown, from focusing on the pandemic.

Dr Hillary told Kate that her eye "does look very sore," before Kate, who sounded like she might have a blocked nose as well, replied: "Yes, thank you Hills. I feel like we can't divert your attention from anything other than keeping the nation calm over the coronavirus."

She added: "But I might have a private consultation with you later."

Dr Jones immediately referred Kate, who recently showed a new way to shake hands in wake of the deadly bug, to conjunctivitis.com to seek further information.

He said: "You need to go to conjunctivitis.com, it's a site for sore eyes. And that's my bit of levity for the day."

As the audience laughed along with the joke, Kate replied: "Okay. Oh my God, we don't want a pandemic of Hillary's jokes, that's the last thing we need at this stage."

The host then proceeded to have an emergency consultation with the doctor during the ad break.

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Back on the show, Kate told Ben Shepherd not to get too excited because she definitely wasn't winking at him.

The 45 year old was thoroughly amused by the remark and asked her if she'd been diagnosed with conjunctivitis or something else.

Dr Hillary said she would have to take antibiotic drops to treat the infection, before informing the audience that while you should seek medical advice if you're feeling unwell, you should cancel dentist and eye appointments for the time being.

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