Kodak Black Insists Hes Innocent Despite Pleading Guilty in Sexual Assault Case

The ‘Wake Up in the Sky’ rapper escapes prison time and is sentenced to 18 months probation after entering a guilty plea for assaulting a teenage high school girl.

AceShowbizKodak Black insisted that he is innocent. Despite pleading guilty in a sexual assault case that dates back to 2016, the “Wake Up in the Sky” rapper claimed that he did not do any of the offense.

Making use of Twitter on Wednesday, April 28, the 23-year-old wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “My heart goes out to all the girls out here getting raped and s**t FORREAL , But I Ain’t Did That S**t.” He then added hashtags, “#ImTooGangsta #TooFlyFaThat.”

Kodak went on to explain in another post that he and the victim just wanted to put the case behind them. “5 years later … both us just wanted to get this s**t over with AND I ain’t have to come off no money,” he elaborated.

“Ain’t gotta register as a sex offender or nun , s**t that’s a play if you ask me lol, ” the MC, whose real name Bill Kahan Kapri, continued. “Y’all got me f**ked up I ain’t dat freaky homie.”

On the same day, Kodak pled guilty to first-degree assault at the Florence County courthouse. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison suspended to 18 months probation. In the hearing, which was also attended by the victim virtually, he said, “I apologize this happened and I’m hopeful we can all move forward.”

The “Zeze” hitmaker was initially charged with rape after he was accused of assaulting a teenage girl in a South Carolina hotel room. The incident led him to get banned from South Carolina and was only allowed to enter the state for court appearances.

In the Wednesday hearing, Kodak was joined by Lamar Jackson. Earlier this year, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback called for Donald Trump to commute the former’s 2019 sentence on weapons charges. The rapper was then granted a pardon from the former president and became a free man on January 20.

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