Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker: Secretly Married in Vegas?

Just months into their very public relationship, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are extremely close.

They are also dogged by rumors … but this one is impossible to ignore, because it comes from the people closest to the couple.

First, Kourtney’s hairstylist shared photos of the couple while hinting at a Las Vegas wedding.

Since then, both Travis’ daughter and Kourtney herself have hinted that it just might be true.

Glen Coco, Kourtney Kardashian’s hairstylist, took to Instagram with photos and commentary.

“…NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas,” Glen wrote alongside photos of Kourtney and Travis.

“There’s nothing like love AND a good time,” the caption concluded.

Glen’s caption did not just include those words.

For good measure, you can see a chapel emoji, a crying emoji, and a black heart emoji.

And the photos of the couple look extremely happy.

Alabama Barker is Travis’ 15-year-old daughter, and has become very close with Kourtney.

She took to her own Instagram Stories to share a look at the same photos, with heart and happy face emojis.

“So happy for you guys,” Alabama cryptically commented.

That was not the end of it, either.

Kourtney herself captioned the photos on her own Instagram Stories.

“What happens in Vegas,” the legendary MILF wrote in a teasing manner.

Las Vegas is a legendary wedding destination for multiple reasons.

While many hotels throughout the world have staggering costs, casino rentals cut down on costs.

Why? Because casinos have an incentive to want people to stay, so that they will gamble, which more than offsets costs.

Additionally, not every state has the same laws regarding marriage licenses.

Couples getting married in Vegas can get rapid returns on marriage certificates.

This allows them to spend less time in the state and city for a destination wedding.

Celebrities have been known to have Vegas weddings, just like everyone else.

From reality stars to pop singers, some find it very convenient to have an easy wedding at a remote location.

But … is that what has happened with Kourtney and Travis?

On the one hand, it would be very odd for them to tease this if they actually got married, right?

Yes, Khloe likes to let speculation and hype build up, but Kourtney is different from her sister.

It’s possible that she really got married … but maybe she and Travis are just having fun with fan speculation?

If so, that would mean that Glen and Alabama are both in on it.

Seemingly, Khloe would also have to be in on it.

Kourtney’s sister sent her a huge bouquet of flowers … which is sweet, but what was the occassion?

Obviously, people who love each other (and are comically rich) can send massive, expensive floral arrangements whenever they like.

But one has to wonder what prompted this, since Kourtney’s birthday was months ago and she is stoking these rumors.

The wedding theory sounds bonkers but it’s not totally implausible.

On the flip side, Kourtney never married Scott, the father of her three children, in all of their years together.

This would be Kourt’s very first marriage if she did marry Travis.

That is a huge step for someone who is generally more cautious than some of her younger siblings. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

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