Kudlow: All Biden wants is 'redistribution of income and wealth'

Kudlow calls out Biden’s ‘big lie’ that the rich don’t pay their fair share

FOX Business host weighs in on the president’s economic policies and explains why he yearns for the prosperous days of former President Trump on ‘Kudlow’

There's so much breaking news, just today, that it's hard to keep up with … 

The young woman, Gabby Petito, tragically found dead in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, but the fiancé is still on the lam—unfindable, perhaps even dead. Who knows? 

Then we've got this incredible 15,000 Haitians under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. My question is: How and when did this happen? 

I mean, I looked around and, all of a sudden, there they are —15,000. Not even from Haiti, many of them are from Chile and perhaps Brazil.  

One migrant was interviewed and said Chile was 100 times better than Haiti, but America is 1,000-times better than Haiti. 

So, all of a sudden, they're here. It's like immaculate conception. How did this happen? The Bidens are essentially doing nothing about it. 

Then the Afghanistan catastrophe lingers. It turns out the drone bombing of ISIS-K in Kabul was a political fraud. Tragically, the only people killed were a family—including seven children. 

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Mr. Biden’s polls are plunging. The country has decided he's certainly not a unifier. His $6 trillion spending plan with inflation is highly unpopular. His $3 trillion tax hikes will hit the middle class and damage the economy. 

Then, oh, by the way, the Dow Jones fell nearly 1,000 today starting in Asia with the apparent collapse of a Chinese property company that's spreading to U.S. markets who are confused about the Washington swamp and how it's going to go after our pocketbooks and our portfolios. 

I also want to mention a good thing and that is Senator Joe Manchin telling a West Virginia business group that the reconciliation, spending and taxing should be paused until 2022 (next year)!  

He believes we don't know enough about inflation being temporary or permanent and we haven't had enough discussion about what could be a 10,000-page bill that would boost government welfare dependency without work, remake the energy sector in ways that will jack up costs, and increase joblessness.  

He also correctly frets about American tax competitiveness around the world, which would be sacrificed in this bill. 

You know me, folks. Save America. Kill the bill! 

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Newt Gingrich, on my radio show Saturday, talked a lot about big government socialism getting killed by free-market capitalism in polling data.  

This is all so reminiscent of Friedrich Hayek's road to serfdom. Just about 80% favor free-enterprise capitalism over big-government socialism. 

New tax tables from the Joint Tax Committee show people around $100,000 getting hurt by higher taxes. 

Biden’s big lie that the rich don't pay their fair share is completely wrong with the top 1% paying 40% of total income taxes, while the bottom half pays virtually nothing, and the bottom two quintiles have negative income taxes.  

We are the most progressive tax system among all of the developed economies around the world. 

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Biden attacks business and attacks successful earners he calls rich people. All he wants is redistribution of income and wealth—not growth, opportunity and prosperity.  

He defends this left-wing woke agenda by spreading the big lie. This is what totalitarian governments do. Biden’s arguments are fact-free. 

Meanwhile, with low taxes, low regulations and energy independence, typical average family incomes during the Trump years went up by nearly $10,000—a factoid Biden never cites. 

The middle class never had it so good than under my former boss Donald Trump. 


Now, days with an extremely divisive Biden, America’s foreign policy decline under Biden, with absolute chaos on our southern border under Biden, and a tax-and-spend policy that is scaring 125 million investors near to death— 

With all kinds of things happening that no one would happen 8 months ago—I’ll tell you folks—I yearn for the calm, peaceful, orderly, prosperous, America-first, around-the-globe days of Donald Trump—just saying. 

That's my riff.  

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