Louis CK jokes about sexual misconduct scandal in new stand-up special

Louis CK has compared having sex with women to slavery in his new stand-up special, while also joking about his sexual misconduct scandal. 

The 52-year-old surprised fans on Saturday with his new special, Sincerely Louis CK, which is priced at $7.99 (£6.37) per view. 

It features Louis making jokes about the reports of inappropriate behaviour, which led to him becoming one of the most prominent names of the #MeToo movement. 

In 2017, Louis was accused of sexual misconduct by five women who said he masturbated either in front of them or during phone conversations. 

The father-of-two later admitted the allegations ‘were true’ and said he was ‘remorseful’ of his actions. 

Now in the stand-up special, which was filmed in Washington DC last year, Louis opens the show: ‘How was your last couple of years? How was 2018 and 2019 for you guys? Anybody else get in global amounts of trouble. 

‘I learned a lot. I learned how to eat alone in a restaurant with people giving me the finger from across the room. I thought I should leave the nation. Thought it was a good idea. Would have left the planet if they had another one of those.’ 

Addressing his masturbation habits, Louis then quipped: ‘I like jerking off, I don’t like being alone, that’s all I can tell you. 

‘I get lonely, it’s just sad. I like company. I like to share. I’m good at it, too. If you’re good at juggling, you wouldn’t do it alone in the dark. You’d gather folks and amaze them.’ 

He then seemed to educate his audience on the rules of consent, adding: ‘If you want to do it with someone else, you need to ask first. But if they say yes, you still don’t get to go “Woo!” and charge ahead. 

‘You need to check in often, I guess that’s what I’d say. It’s not always clear how people feel,’ he adds in a separate joke about consent. 

‘Men are taught to make sure the woman is okay. The thing is, women know how to seem okay when they’re not okay.’ 

Later in the show, Louis made the comparison between sexual assault and slavery, saying: ‘It’s kind of like a Negro spiritual. 

‘It’s sort of similar. So to assume that she likes it is like if they heard slaves singing in the field and you’re like, “Hey, they’re having a good time out there”.’ 

Louis announced the special just hours before it was released, and said it was ‘important to laugh’ in ‘dire’ times.

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