Niall Horan Reveals What He’s Been Doing While Stuck at Home

Niall Horan is busy while self-quarantining!

The 26-year-old musician spilled about what he’s been up to while he’s stuck at home – and it includes writing new music!

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“I’ve just been sat in this position, at the piano. Got the guitar here. I wrote a couple of times. Definitely finding it hard to get motivated when all I can do is sit in my living room. Wrote a few tunes, been doing a bit of cooking for myself,” Niall explained on The Tonight Show.

He continued,” I’ve got really bad knees and I’ve never run before but I ran about 15 kilometers this week…just to get out of the house. Other than that, general lounging!”

Later in the show, Niall also showed off his at home golfing skills!

Listen to all that Niall had to say here…

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