Nicole Nafziger Obliterates Claims She “Lies” About Azan!

This week, Nicole Nafziger offered proof that Azan is not already married.

When they get married, she will be his first wife — and his only wife.

But some 90 Day Fiance trolls aren't letting up.

Instead of spinning the same wild theories, they are trying a new approach.

Now they're just insisting that Nicole is a "liar" who "lies" about everything.

While we'd chalk the infamous $6,000 fib to reality TV shenanigans more than anything, they're not even talking about that.

They say that Nicole is lying about Azan on a fundamental level.

Take a look below to see her clapback over the rude name-calling.

1.Trolls never sleep

2.Her caption was sweet

3.Some of the replies were really sweet

4.Speaking of which

5.But naturally, the clown brigade spoke up

6.The trolling continued

7.How IS Azan?

8.And then another clown popped up

9.And now for a silly question

10.Does this make Nicole a LIAR?


12.In their case …

13.On top of that

14.Was their relationship healthy at the time?

15.Obviously, things are good

16.They had a great time together

17.Just look at them!

18.But …

19.And some people just love to hate

20.But now they're together


22.Nicole gets so much hate

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