O.J. Simpson Dubs F. Lee Bailey Best Lawyer of Our Time in Heartfelt Tribute Following His Death

The former football player admits that he is ‘looking forward to reading’ the book about his trial that the famed attorney had ‘finally finished’ this week before he passed away.

AceShowbizO.J. Simpson is mourning the death of his lawyer F. Lee Bailey. In a heartfelt tribute which he shared following the passing of the famed attorney, the former football player dubbed him “best lawyer of our time.”

On Thursday, June 3, the former NFL player took to his Twitter account to post a video as he honored the late lawyer, who is widely known for being on the former footballer’s legal “Dream Team” in the 1995 trial. “Unfortunately the older you get you start losing friends,” the 73-year-old said in a 2-minute clip. “Today I found out that I lost a great friend. His name was F. Lee Bailey, one of the great lawyers of our time.”

Simpson continued to praise his late attorney, “He was great. He was smart, sharp as ever.” He added further, “F. Lee Bailey, maybe the best lawyer of our time, of this generation, but a great guy. God bless his family. God bless you, Lee. You will be missed by me.”

“I called him Flee, he hated it,” the former athlete said and laughed. He went on to share, “What’s interesting is this was the week he finally finished a book he wanted to write before his life was over… And it was a book about my trial.” He also noted, “Normally, I read nothing about that case, but that is one book I’m looking forward to reading.”

Bailey’s death has also been confirmed by Jennifer Sisson, a manager at F. Lee Bailey’s consulting firm, on Thursday to CNN. He died in Atlanta aged 87, with Sisson describing her boss as “a great man.”

According to the New York Times, Bailey’s son, Bendrix, revealed his father had been in “poor health in recent years and living in Georgia to be near another son, Scott.” His son also informed TMZ that his father did not want a funeral and will most likely be cremated, but the family is considering a celebration of life ceremony.

In 1995, Bailey defended Simpson, who was acquitted on charges that he killed his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Aside from representing the former athlete in jurisprudence, the best-selling author was also the attorney for Albert DeSalvo, Patty Hearst and Sam Sheppard.

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