Olivia Rodrigo Reveals The 1 Thing She Pushes Back On With Her Team

Olivia Rodrigo has one thing that she just really needs sometimes…

The 18-year-old “driver’s license” superstar opened up during her new episode of Hot Ones about one of the things that she pushes back on with her team.

“I’m sure at this point, you know, the team’s starting to fill up and you have a lot of people that are like, do this, or that, or say this or that, or wear this or that. What’s something that you find yourself pushing back on?” host Sean Evans asks.

“I don’t know. I guess the thing I push back on sometimes is like, sometimes I’m just like, ‘Yo, I like need a break.’ Like I can’t write anything anymore, like I’m completely tapped,” Olivia responds. “So I mean, that’s the only thing I’ll ever, I don’t know, push back on I suppose.”

Olivia also talked about the success of “driver’s license,” the theme for the “deja vu” video, and even what kind of cookies she hates, and which kind is her favorite!

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