Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen admits regret about stupid social media decision

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen gives responsibilities to daughter

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Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen has opened up about her regrets over social media in a new candid chat. The shepherdess has admitted she’d make some changes to her approach if she started over.

Amanda is adored by fans of her hit television series Our Yorkshire Farm.

Since it first began in 2008, the Channel 5 show has gone from strength to strength, with new episodes currently airing.

Alongside her hit show, Amanda often interacts with her fans on social media.

She’s hugely popular on both Instagram and Twitter, with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Appearing on the platforms, Amanda often shares pictures from her daily life on the farm.

However, despite its success, the star has admitted there is one thing she would change.

Speaking in a recent interview, she explained: “I wouldn’t have called myself something stupid like AmandaOwen8 if I ever thought it was going to take off.”

The star was referring to her Twitter username, where she boasts 180,000 followers.

In her chat with Farmer’s Weekly, Amanda also admitted sharing her life on social media comes with some downsides as well.

The shepherdess lamented how it allows people to feel that they can judge her life.

“In this day and age, it’s really difficult to do your own thing and feel like you can do that without people judging you,” she added.

“I put a picture of the children climbing up a barn and 99.9 per cent of people will say, ‘that’s great, that’s what I used to do when I was a kid’.

“But 0.1 per cent will say ‘where’s the helmet, where’s the climbing harness?’”

Amanda previously opened up to Express.co.uk about how her husband Clive feels about her social media presence.

“When it comes to puns, it always feels like I’m really keen on the puns,” she shared.

“Clive is always saying, ‘Puns? Oh, you shouldn’t put things up on social media that are so punny.

“‘People don’t like them!’

“And I’m always like, ‘Wrong! Clive, you’re always wrong! People love puns.’”

Amanda and her family are currently appearing in new episodes of Our Yorkshire Farm.

The beloved show is airing weekly on Channel 5 on Tuesday evenings.

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