Piers Morgan blasts appallingly heartless reporter for mocking anti-vaxxer deaths

Clive Myrie takes swipe at Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan, 56, has made his opinion on anti-vaxxers very clear, especially over the past year or so during the coronavirus vaccine roll-out. But even he drew the line at mocking their Covid deaths.

Nobody’s covid death should ever be mocked

Piers Morgan

It comes after Pulitzer prize-winning columnist and author Michael Hiltzik, wrote a new piece for the Los Angeles Times about how to react when known anti-vaxxers who preached to others about not getting the jab then die from the illness.

It was titled: “Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary.”

After sharing it on Twitter, Hiltzik was inundated with an influx of messages with people asking if he was “insane or evil”.

Piers also waded into the debate, adding his own opinion on the “unpopular” piece.

He replied: “Appallingly heartless take.

“Nobody’s Covid death should ever be mocked.

“They are all tragic victims, particularly so if they’ve been brainwashed into rejecting a vaccine that could have saved them.”

In Hiltzik’s column, he referenced one individual in particular, Kelly Ernby.

The former Orange County GOP Assembly candidate wasn’t a prominent name on the national stage, but her death propelled her to be a much-discussed topic on social media.

She was not vaccinated against Covid when she died last week, and as an outspoken critic of vaccine mandates, the internet exploded with comments blaming her for her own death.

But it appears to have highlighted tensions between how we view mandates, with some believing they are Government overreach and others who see vaccines as vital to ending the pandemic.

Many rushed to the comments section of Piers’ post to share their views on the situation.

Kenyanvoices penned: “Or they had taken several jabs that had no effect whatsoever. No death should be mocked!”

Shineyprincess2 praised: “Well said Piers.”

“It’s heartless to mock anyone’s death covid related or not but when people who’ve gone out of their way to talk down the virus & vaccine succumb to it themselves it’s no surprise some people say terrible things,” TonyJam76357203 reasoned.

Others believed Piers was being “hypocritical”, although there is no evidence he has ever mocked an anti-vaxxer’s death.

“You’ve been mocking them for months,” BodhiFinn snapped.

LachieHa retorted: “Or just made a personal decision about their own body. Please stop demeaning people for making personal choices.”

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