Piers Morgan: GMB host addresses complaints made by ITV colleagues ‘It’s madness’

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Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, 55, has reportedly claimed that his fellow ITV colleagues have complained about him to the top bosses over his non-politically correct statements. The presenter is known for his on-air outbursts and straight-talking opinions, and over the past few years he’s even taken aim at the royal family, with his comments about Meghan Markle. His radar knows no limits.

Some people at ITV were complaining to the top about me being ableist, and that’s where the pressure gets to you. It’s madness

Piers Morgan

In the past, not being afraid to speak his mind on sensitive topics that society deems controversial has gotten him into trouble, after ITV viewers sent numerous complaints about his on-screen rants to TV regulator Ofcom for his comments on gender identification, which he was later cleared of.

But of these new complaints, apparently made by his GMB colleagues, he has branded them “madness”.

It comes after he aired his views on Hollywood casting only disabled actors to play disabled roles, and only gay performers to portray gay characters.

He believes it would be a “mistake”, but his opinion didn’t sit right with some.

In a recent interview, Piers reportedly said: “I don’t think the answer is to just say automatically that every disabled role goes to someone who’s disabled. And the same applies to gay roles.”

He referenced classic films such as Fourth of July, which features Tom Cruise as war veteran Ron Kovic, who was paralysed after an accident.

He also used Tom Hank’s portrayal of lawyer Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia as an example, where the Hollywood legend’s character has AIDS and keeps his homosexuality hidden from his employers.

“It just seems to me just pointless virtue signalling and it probably wouldn’t work because you’re then reliant on actors in most cases that people have never heard of launching a film like, you know, Philadelphia,” Piers continued.

“Adam Pearson, you know the guy, the disabled presenter – he was on my side.

“But some people at ITV were complaining to the top about me being ableist, and that’s where the pressure gets to you. It’s madness,” he told The Sun.

Sharing the article to Twitter, Adam wrote: “Whilst I’m taking this quote with a pinch of salt (for obvious reasons) I think @piersmorgan likes my moxy!”

It follows their lengthy spat on the issue back in August, after Piers bashed societal issues as “woke nonsense”.

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Adam hit back: “Disabled actors asking for equality of opportunity is neither woke nor nonsense.

“In an industry that is forever discussing diversity an inclusion with regards to race and gender disability seems to be the last bastion that needs dealing with,” he said.

Piers replied: “I agree with you about the need for equal opportunity. The ‘woke nonsense’ is demanding that only disabled actors can play disabled characters. That’s actually the opposite of equal opportunity.”

But Adam asked where they draw the line: “Is demanding only BAME actors play BAME roles woke nonsense?

“Female actors playing female roles?” he put to Piers, as he insisted he wanted a “friendly debate”.

In the end, the pair resolved their differences and realised they wanted the same thing, equal opportunities for all.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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