Rachel Brosnahan Says She Was ‘Scared’ Handling a Gun in New Movie ‘I’m Your Woman’

Rachel Brosnahan is dishing on her new movie I’m Your Woman.

In the new thriller, the 30-year-old Emmy-winning actress plays a mob mom on the run, and her character has to shoot guns.

While promoting the movie, Rachel admitted that she was “not comfortable handling guns.”

“Sometimes in movies it feels like someone shoves a gun in the actor’s hand, whereupon power surges through his veins, and the person suddenly miraculously knows how to use it. I’m not comfortable handling guns,” Rachel shared with Page Six.

She continued, “My character in this new film made me nervous. I’m bad at handling guns and — for the first time — it scared me. I hadn’t realized that suddenly I, and everything else around, would feel really different. For a film once before, I had to learn to shoot. I wasn’t happy. Another only time was my single inexplicable date with a guy who for some reason took me to a shooting range. Trust me, this was a one date only.”

Rachel recently shared an update on the upcoming season four of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I’m Your Woman is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video now.

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