Richard Hammond: Top Gear star whimpers ‘I still regret it!’ amid emotional reunion

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Richard Hammond, 50, felt emotional as he was reunited on screen with his old Ferrari 550 Maranello before it got put up for auction recently. The former Top Gear Presenter explained how he had to get rid of the sports car following a house move that saw him urgently need to raise funds.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions

Richard Hammond

Richard admitted of selling the vehicle: “I still regret it.”

When asked what was the memory which stuck out the most when looking at the car, he responded: “Sadly I can’t help it, it’s the day I had to get rid of it. I’ll explain that in a bit.”

YouTuber and creator of Evo magazine, Harry Metcalfe, who also had the privilege of once owning the red 1998 Ferrari Maranello, added his strongest memory of the car.

Harry said: “Mine was actually when I first bought it, I just pinched myself.

Richard added: “That feeling when you walk back to it and go, is that really mine?”

However, unfortunately, due to the car having an oil leak, Richard detailed the eventual demise of the car’s appeal.

He continued: “The other big part of it, which was part of its eventual demise for me was, we were at the workshop of a guy who use to do a lot of stuff for us, it was then Top gear, and I had driven there in this. (Points at Ferrari.) 

“And I was chatting to him, and he said, ‘You see underneath?’ And there was a tiny drip under the car. 

“It’s a V12 Ferrari and I just looked at that piece of oil that could signify my utter rumination. 

So what I have got is a rollercoaster of emotions with that one. It’s high intensity.”

The car has previously featured in numerous Evo articles with Harry adding over 30k miles on its odometer during his ownership between late 2004 and 2007.

Harry then sold the car on to Richard after he had experienced a “big crash” while filming Top gear and was a “bit scrambled” while going off to film in the North Pole.

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Richard’s wife Mindy Hammond decided to purchase the car for him as a surprise gift to cheer him up on his return home.

The motor expert then owned the car for a few years before deciding to sell it following a pricey house move.

Richard and his family had previously been living in the countryside, while he commuted daily to London for filming.

At the time Richard owned six cars, when he decided to move nearer to work in London, however upon relocating he felt that the family didn’t “fit in” and they returned to the countryside.

This decision cost him his beloved 1998 Ferrari, as the landlord of the house near London demanded six months rent upfront.

Therefore Richard was forced to sell his beloved car to cover the immediate payment required for house he no longer wanted to live in.

Richard and Mindy married back in 2002 and the couple have 2 daughters together named Isabella and Willow.

The couple now resides in an incredible fake castle in Herefordshire but also have an apartment in London as well as a villa in Saint Tropez. 

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