Sharon Stone: Viola Davis is every bit the actress Meryl Streep is

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Sharon Stone’s Zoomer interview from last month recently got amplified on Twitter, probably because it was Meryl Streep’s birthday. People on Twitter were behaving as if Sharon had shaded Meryl. But in reality, Sharon was clarifying a passage in her memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice. Sharon basically said that she loves Meryl and believes that she is a very talented actress, but that there are other just as talented actresses who do not get the same accolades. Sharon said Hollywood only makes room for one good actress at a time. The rule of “only one” also causes a lot of competition. Sharon may have chose violence but she didn’t lie. Despite some Meryl stans losing their collective sh*t over the out of context quotes, many folks agreed with Sharon. Below are a few more highlights from the Zoomer interview via Huffington Post:

“I find that fascinating,” Schneller told Stone of this particular passage. “So when you finally got to work with Meryl Streep, you realized — ”

But Schneller said that Stone cut her off.

“I like the way you phrase that, that I finally got to work with Meryl Streep,” Stone said. “You didn’t say, ‘Meryl finally got to work with Sharon Stone.’ Or we finally got to work together.”

Stone continued, telling Schneller that the way she structured the question is part of the problem.

“The business was set up that we should all envy and admire Meryl because only Meryl got to be the good one,” Stone said. “And everyone should compete against Meryl. I think Meryl is an amazingly wonderful woman and actress. But in my opinion, quite frankly, there are other actresses equally as talented as Meryl Streep. The whole Meryl Streep iconography is part of what Hollywood does to women.”

Stone then begins naming female actors she thinks are on par with the celebrated 72-year-old actor.

“Viola Davis is every bit the actress Meryl Streep is. Emma Thompson. Judy Davis. Olivia Colman. Kate Winslet, for f**k’s sake. But you say Meryl and everybody falls on the floor.”

Stone, clearly on a roll, continued: “I’m a much better villain than Meryl. And I’m sure she’d say so. Meryl was not gonna be good in ‘Basic Instinct’ or in ‘Casino.’”

And Stone kept rolling.

“That’s how we’re set up to think,” Stone said, referring to Schneller’s initial question. “Because I could never … touch the heights … We’re all labelled the Queen of Something. I’m the Queen of Smut! She’s the Queen of That! We all have to sit in our assigned seats. Are you kidding me? If we worked in a supermarket, she can’t always be the No. 1 checkout girl. We’re all doing our jobs.”

“That phrasing has been taught,” she concluded. “We’ve been taught that everybody doesn’t get a seat at the table. Once one is chosen, nobody else can get in there.”

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This faux feud was juicy and I found myself tumbling down the rabbit hole. I haven’t been this enthralled in a Twitter beef since the Zola stripper story. A lot of the tweets had me cracking up, even people’s meltdown over the supposed audacity of Sharon. Sharon was honestly speaking the truth. Despite my love for Meryl, Sharon is right, Meryl could never play a great villain. The closest Meryl has ever come to that was playing Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. And let’s face it, Sharon is a great villain. I love that Sharon wasn’t actually attacking Meryl but the system that elevates one woman over the other. I believe Viola Davis is one of the best actors of our time but she doesn’t get the Meryl Streep checks or accolades. She’s said that, too. Anyways, good on Sharon for exposing the entire mechanism because it is absolute sh*t. I am here for a queen speaking her truth.

Below are a few tweets cheering on Sharon:

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