Summer Walker in Hot Water for Defending Cultural Appropriation

‘I don’t see why a white girl cant wear box braids if she chooses to express herself that way,’ so the ‘Girls Need Love’ singer says before being hit with backlash.

AceShowbiz -Even though Summer Walker often says controversial things that land her in hot water, it appears she still stays true to herself despite the backlash. This time, the R&B singer drew criticism after a comment she made regarding cultural appropriation.

It all started after she posted on Instagram a video of Nikita Dragun that prompted one of her followers to urge her not to support the social media star because she’s appropriating black culture. In response, Summer wrote, “idk about the whole cultural appropriation thing with as many black women running around in blonde straight wigs, blue contacts, and make up they know damn well is 2 shades lighter their actual skin tone. I think a lot of people just like the idea of being what there not no matter what race.”

Her response led some people to attack her, though she still stood by her remark. “I don’t see why a white girl cant wear box braids if she chooses to express herself that way. We clearly as humans admire different things from different cultures,” She added in another comment, “The only issue is the black girl in the blonde wig should get the same acceptance and praise as the white girl in the box braids.”

This only prompted people to attack her even more, with one saying, “you continue to be ignorant everyday like you really outdo yourself with this ignorant s**t.” Meanwhile, another person similarly wrote, “the ignorance jumped out, a whole colorist who doesn’t even support her own race whew chile.” Someone else urged her to “just make music…. and just hush.”

“Please delete this summer. Having blue eyes and blonde hair are not cultural things, but rather genetics. Please delete this for your own good,” an individual advised her nicely. “summer are you SERIOUS RN? that’s the dumbest s**t to EVER come out of your mouth..,” another commented.

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