‘The Simpsons’ listed 50 reasons not to reelect Donald Trump in the teaser for its annual Halloween episode

  • The US presidential election is less than a month away, and "The Simpsons" has made a last-minute intervention with an anti-Trump teaser for their annual "Treehouse of Horror" Halloween episode. 
  • The teaser opens with Homer Simpson rushing to the voting booth, but he isn't sure which candidate to vote for when a mask-wearing Lisa Simpson turns up and instructs her father to remember "all that's happened in the last four years." 
  • Then an exhaustive round-up of Donald Trump's most egregious statements and insults flood over the screen. Notable moments read: "Called Mexicans Rapists," "Put children in cages," and "Can't get wife to hold hand." 
  •  After this revelation Homer decides to cast his vote for a new president. 
  • "Treehouse of Horror XXXI" airs this Sunday on Fox. Watch the political teaser below.
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