These BTS ‘BE’ Album Lyrics For Instagram Captions Will Give Your Followers The Feels

Now that BTS has given fans another album, ARMYs are digging into the messages behind the songs and picking out their favorite lyrics. From the lead single "Life Goes On" to the sub-units "Fly To My Room" and "Stay," fans can’t get enough of this record. Each track sounds totally different, proving once again how diverse the group’s discography really is. Since there’s a song to fit every mood, these BTS BE album lyrics for Instagram captions are perfect for whatever kind of day you’re having.

A day before BE‘s release on Nov. 20, Big Hit entertainment told fans BTS drew inspiration from 2020 taking a turn due to the coronavirus pandemic. "BTS opens themselves up to express their mixed feelings about this situation — fear and anxiety mingled with the determination to overcome all this. The album contains the band’s emotions and ruminations they had throughout this year, and the story of ‘us’ continuing the existential journey," the company explained.

Once the album went live, fans poured right into the songs, realizing many of them had lyrics about missing friends and family, feeling alone during quarantine, and wishing the pandemic would just be over with already. ARMYs thought the messages behind the tracks were so relatable. The reason fans continue to connect with the group’s songs over and over again is because BTS is always so involved in the writing process. So many of their lyrics on BE stood out to fans, and the best thing is, they’re perfect for Instagram captions.

These 15 lyrics will definitely give your followers the feels:

1. "Spring didn’t know to wait/ Showed up not even a minute late." — from "Life Goes On"

2. "Close your eyes for a moment/ Hold my hand/ To the future, let’s run away." — from "Life Goes On"

3. "Like an arrow in the blue sky/ Another day flying by/ On my pillow, on my table/ Yeah, life goes on." — from "Life Goes On"

4. "Get me outta my blues/ And now I’m feelin’ brand new." — from "Fly to My Room"

5. "Everyday/ It’s so frustrating, it’s driving me crazy/ Feel like it’s still day one/ Somebody turn back the clock/ The entire year got stolen." — from "Fly to My Room"

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