Too Hot To Handle star Chloe Veitch comes out as bisexual after new detox show

Too Hot To Handle star Chloe Veitch has come out as bisexual, revealing it has "taken the weight off" her shoulders.

Chloe, 24, who shot to fame on the Netflix show in 2020, explained that after recently taking part in E4's upcoming show, The Big Celebrity Detox, the soul-searching exercises forced her to "dig deeper".

"Doing breath work forced me to dig deeper," she said. "I realised, ‘This is what’s bothering you – you’re bisexual and you haven’t told anyone.’

“I’ve definitely been battling it, to be honest. I mean, being in and out of little flings with girls. I felt like it was my dirty little secret so it has taken the weight off my shoulders."

She continued to The Sun: "Because I’ve been on heterosexual dating shows, I’m just a bit anxious of public opinion.

“But at the end of the day, if I’m happy, that’s all that matters. I’m itching to go out there and date both guys and girls. It’s really exciting.”

Chloe also added that Megan Barton Hanson is her female celebrity crush, saying she's "so hot".

Chloe, who has also appeared on reality shows including The Circle, Perfect Match and Celebrity Hunted, previously opened up about her experience on Too Hot To Handle, which sees contestants take part in what they think is a dating show, until they are hit with a ban on any sexual activity.

“It was sexual rehabilitation for everyone,” Chloe admitted to The Sun on Sunday.

“I was a serial dater and would always have a few guys on the go. I was addicted to Tinder, swiping all day. It was a confidence boost for me."

“But I never chose the best guys. I’ve been hurt before and have an emotional barrier up.”

Chloe said forbidding the sexual activity was tougher on some of the guys in the show and their reaction helped her realise a few home truths.

“For some of the guys, sex was like a daily exercise for them. It opened my eyes – guys actually love sex. I realised, ‘This is why they don’t text me back’. Once I’ve kissed someone, they don’t want to know," she said.

“Everyone was having weird sex dreams every night in the shared bedroom. I dreamed I was in a massive sex room with all of the housemates. It was so odd.”


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