USPS Truck Sprayed with Champagne in L.A. as Biden Supporters Celebrate

Mailmen and women are getting a huge pat on the back for their part in helping deliver votes in this election — and, in L.A., they’re also getting sprayed down with champagne.

Check out this celebratory scene we captured Saturday in WeHo, where Biden supporters had flooded the streets and tracked down a USPS truck, which seemed more than down to get in on the happy vibes … as folks literally bowed down to the guy behind the wheel.

Unclear if the dude was stuck at a light, or if people were blocking his path — but either way, he was in no rush to go anywhere as Angelenos literally popped a bottle of champagne and started hosing down the exterior of his vehicle. It’s insane to see … in a good way!

We also talked to the mailman driver, and he seemed about as happy as anyone outside. You can tell as much by the way he started honking his horn upon departure.

Speaking of champagne … there was some other guy out there handing out bottles for free … which the West Hollywood crowd did not turn down. Yeah, they’re feelin’ themselves.

BTW, the praising of postal workers wasn’t just confined to the West Coast — across the country in Brooklyn, something very similar was happening out there as well … where a mail truck was getting rained upon with cheers, as the driver reciprocated with jubilant honking.

The USPS has been through a lot in the months leading up to this election … and yet, despite that adversity, the good men and women in the short shorts soldiered on and delivered those mail-in ballots, which clearly helped put Biden over the hill here.

Unsung heroes, to say the least.

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