Watch: Jackboy Savagely Blasts NBA YoungBoy for Calling Him ‘P***y A** B***h’

During an Instagram Live session, Kodak Black’s friend attacks the young rapper as saying, ‘All your homeboys are broke as b***h, man. You ain’t give n***as no money, man.’

AceShowbiz -Not only Kodak Black, but NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again) also took a shot at one of his homies, Jackboy. During an Instagram Live, the young rap star called his fellow rapper a “p***y a** b***h” and claimed that one of his friends had sex with Jackboy’s girlfriend. Now, unlike Kodak, Jackboy was quick to give YB his response.

During an expletive-laden rant, Jackboy called YB a “dumba**” and stressed that he didn’t care about it. Not stopping there, he also attacked YB’s financial situation as saying, “Get yo homies out them Nikes, man. All your homeboys are broke as b***h, man. You ain’t give n***as no money, man.”

He continued, “We don’t care about those h**s, we don’t play in the basketball in the NFL, all my n****s in the NFL p***y. My n****s made it to the NFL, dumba** boy.” Referring to YB’s herpes diagnosis, Jackboy then said, “You steady infecting these h***s, man,” before going back to attack his financial situation.

“Get ya dawgs out of nike, get em a car and out ya back room,” he said. “Your n***s walkin man. Why are they still wearing nikes? get yo dawgs out of Nike I’m dripping Dior poe a** n***a.”

This drama all started after Kodak dissed YB over a report that stated the latter would fully cooperate with police after Iyanna Mayweather was arrested for allegedly stabbing one of his baby mamas. Not having it, YB went on Instagram Live to clap back at Kodak, “Iyanna, get up. Come here. You talking about this girl right here? You talking about my wife? Inside my house that I pay for? Tell me why this n***a spoke on me from jail. Why the f**k you even watching me from jail? Man, you is a b***h! This n***a gonna say I cooperated with the police.”

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